Residential Flatwork

PTL Concrete, Inc. specializes in residential flatwork. This includes basement floors, garage floors, driveways, front porches, sidewalks, and back patios, to name a few. Concrete flatwork can be left as is in its natural gray color, or there are a wide variety of color options that can be added to the concrete. It can then be finished in a standard hard trowel or broom finish, or it can be dressed up with a sweat finish or stamped with any one of a variety of patterns and styles to further customize the look of your concrete project.

Interior Flatwork

Basements & Garages

Basement and garage floors are most commonly finished with a hard trowel finish. This produces a hard, smooth surface, allowing for the placement of carpet, hardwood, or other flooring materials. However, concrete floors can also be colored and stamped for a fully finished floor.

Exterior Flatwork

Concrete is known for its strength, durability, and lower maintenance costs, which it why it is a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, steps, and other exterior surfaces. It is a great way to add value and living space to the outside of your home.

Exterior flatwork is most commonly finished in a broom finish. This finish technique uses a concrete finishing broom brushed across the surface, creating small grooves in the concrete for traction.

For a more decorative finish, many are opting for a sweat finish. This is done by using a float to make a swirled imprint in the shape of an arc on the surface that is repeated consistently until the surface if fully patterned.

Additionally, exterior flatwork can be colored and stamped to add even more beauty, value, and curb-appeal to your home or building. Please visit our Decorative Concrete page for more information.

Because Colorado is classified as a severe weather region, PTL Concrete recommends and uses 4000 psi concrete on all exterior concrete to help withstand the weather extremes. Please visit our Taking Care of Your Concrete page for additional information on how to protect your exterior concrete and keep it looking and performing its best for years to come.

Driveways, Sidewalks, & Steps

Front Porches & Back Patios