Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a great way to add beauty and value to your home or property. It offers the strength, durability, and lower maintenance costs of regular concrete, while giving a custom and decorative finish. It instantly increases curb appeal and aesthetic value to your property, maximizing return on your investment.

Stamped & Colored Concrete

Stamped and colored concrete has grown in popularity over the years. With today’s wide range of color choices and stamp patterns, it is an excellent way to add value and appeal to your home or building.

Color is added to concrete using manufactured colors added into the mix (“integral”), or it can be dusted on to the surface (“dry shake”). Color added into the mix is uniform throughout the depth of the concrete. Surface applied color resides on a thin layer at the surface and can be affected by abrasion or scratching. Release colors come in a dry shake form and can be used in combination with integral colors to produce beautiful marbled effects.

Concrete can be stamped to look like a wide variety of three-dimensional patterns, colored and then sealed. Combining stamping with colored concrete yields fabulous results. The finished surface combines the durability of concrete with the beauty of masonry.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate displays the natural beauty of the stone aggregate in its natural form. It is a decorative surface formed by removing the surface mortar from a concrete slab to expose the underlying coarse aggregate. The concrete can be left natural or colored to your desired shade. An exposed aggregate finish is heavily textured, which can provide a little more skid resistance. And like concrete, it is easy to maintain, requiring nothing more than occasional cleaning and sealing.